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the river runs it's course

my thoughts, ideas, and everyday experiences

What will I do?
I am like a shallow broad river pulsing through the open wood.
For me the world is full of low dry paths waiting to be filled and followed.
Will I ever choose my course
And run strong like I know I can?

Things aren’t right the way they are now,
I am diluted, polluted, intruded.
But to be dammed to take one way
Would be just as wrong,
restricting, prohibiting, and boring.

Which is the way what works?
Will I ever find my midstream?
I would like to be the mighty Mississippi,
With runoffs, tributaries, and lakes.

This poem is writen by me about me. It sums up who I think I am. As to why I have a live journal, well, life seems far too complicated and it frustrates me alot. I feel like I have to spill to someone and noone is as fitting a listener as you. So please, leave comments for me, tell me how you feel about my life and offer me sage advise. I will try to read the journals of everyone who leaves me a comment.